Situated on the Fourth Floor of the new hospital building , the Department of Pediatrics has a 50-bed general ward segregated into different services/ subspecialties of Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Infectious Diseases, Non-infectious Subspecialties, Neonatology, as well as special areas of a 6-bed Pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU for outborns, Isolation and Reverse Isolation Rooms. Located in other parts of the Hospital complex are the Nursery and Neonatal ICU placed in close proximity with the OB-GYN Department, as well as the Pediatrics Outpatient Department that also provides Subspecialty Clinics in Child Neurology and Developmental Medicine, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Endocrinology and Neonatology/KMC.

The accredited Residency Training program has slots for 15 Medical Officer III’s and is complemented by fulltime and part time consultants who are Board-certified specialist and subspecialists. Aside from preparing the trainees for as well-rounded, independent, community-based practice in General Pediatrics, the Department also aims to produce graduates who are ready to hurdle the certifying examinations and/or venture into further training in the different Pediatric subspecialties who shall return to the Institution to further enhance the service and training capabilities of the Department.

For inquiries, please call:
Tel. No.: (038) 411-4868
Local: 226
Location: Fourth Floor New Building

Cranial Ultrasound Machine
Mechanical Ventilator
Suction Machine
Phototherapy Machine/Bililight
Bubble CPAP
Infusion Pumps
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Neonatal Digital Weighing Scale
Cardiac Monitor and Suction Machine
Pediatric Wing