1. Departmentalized Emergency Services in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and General Surgery.
  2. Assess patient’s condition or triage with reference to the Emergency Severity Index (Level: 1, 2, 3,4, 5; the most immediate and 5-the least.)
  3. Prioritize and facilitate patients for admission.
  4. Accommodate Medico-legal Cases.
  5. Provide Emergency Care for non-admitted patients.
  6. Patients suspected of having an Emerging or Re-emerging infections disease (EREID) are shunted to Isolation areas within the ED. Provision and guidelines for personal protective equipment and team segregation to ensure no cross-contamination across staff observed.


A competitive Emergency Medicine Department, equipped with the state of the art equipment and facilities, staffed with competent personnel providing prompt, safe, and quality emergency services to a satisfied clientele.


The Emergency Medicine Department shall support and abide with the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the hospitals as a whole providing equitable, safe, timely, and prompt healthcare delivery, manned with competent and compassionate personnel.

For inquiries, please call:
Tel. No.: (038) 411-4868      Local: 209/204
Location: Emergency Medicine Department