Welcome to GCGMH

In the words of Malcolm Gladwell in his book ” Outlier” –  If you work hard enough, assert yourself and use your mind and imagination,  you can shape  the world as you desire it to be ..” ​​
Our goal is to make everyone smile and feel our love and care. Designing this interactive website to serve as one of the portals of our communication and interaction will be among the ways we want to do that. Through this, feel our sincere web presence as our physical presence transcends all bounds, and then we reach you. Heart to heart, eye to eye, ear to ear and feeling to feeling.

May the Lord continue to bless and guide us all.
​At GCGMH, we want to work hard, assert ourselves, and use our minds and imagination so that the world of health care that we are shaping with the help of the powers above, will be as our community desires.

Mutya Kismet T. Macuno

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